Investing in Deeptech is highly
Deeptech investment is the hardest of all time, with the highest risk-adjusted return ever
(generational opportunity driving outsized returns)

4 prioritized investment sectors in
applied sciences

B2B, fast-growing, scalable business model with owned IP

300+ cross criteria to be assessed per investment

disruptive innovations at the core,
thanks to an intimate Deeptech network of
over 15 years

With Deeptech standing for our best paradigm, we allocate capital in the right sector, targeting the perfect company and investing at its perfect time

Deeptech investing is the toughest asset class
Investing in Deeptech is not the same as investing in technology. There are three main reasons why it is a new asset class with its own set of key success factors that must be fixed with sharp selection, specific expertise, and dedicated operations:
More complexity that must be properly understood to avoid losing potential
Deeptech companies have complex basic and applied sciences at their core. Not only do they have to transform them into a perfect market fit with the best go-to-market strategy, but they also have to meet the industrial challenge.
This challenge is twofold: either to produce the solution with industrial equipment or to address industrial activities with specific requirements that represent barriers to be overcome.
More time that can be shortened with specific operations
Those Deeptech companies often require a longer development time and higher investment than classic tech companies.
This concern can be offset depending on the maturity at investment and the capabilities in place or added to reach the market and scale.
More customized support to overcome bottlenecks and reach success
Deeptech companies need strong and customized support that can vary a lot regarding their situation ( business model, go to market, industrialization, scaling, etc…). They need protection, know-how and operational support during their lifetime.
Our goal is a high level of success and the strengthening of their competitive advantage. We built a support for that.
But it offers a high potential return
Deeptech companies are tackling the most environmental and human challenges of the 21st century. Any success will bring unprecedented and generational returns on investment:
Highest potential value
Scalable Deeptech brings valuation largely above classic SaaS level
Standalone EV/Sales multiple that can reach 10x+ in addition to large premium to be valued at exit
Core Deeptech assets also brings a high intrisic value and very high potential corporate synergies at exit
Highest strategic needs
From corporates
90% of large EU companies project or want to invest in disruptive innovations
From funds
Strong expected capital allocation in Deeptech Impact funds as it is the most promising sector in the private equity asset class with the highest risk-adjusted return
From governments
French and European governments have as their ultimate priority France 2030, and Horizon Europe plans to stay competitive, maintain sovereignty, and solve the critical challenges of the 21st century
IRON HANDS CAPITAL only invests in companies that meet our three capital allocation criteria: in the right place, with the right company and at the right time. By adhering to this thesis, we can ensure that we stay true to our philosophy of investing in companies that can fulfill our dual mission of delivering breakthrough solutions and creating the highest value for all of our stakeholders.
Investing in technologies based on applied and pure sciences
Our primary target technology areas are applied to engineering, but we are sector agnostic if the company's activity is fully aligned with our progress thesis.
Computer sciences
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Biological and Chemical
Process and Urban Systems
Targeting Deep Technologies solutions
IRON HANDS CAPITAL targets ideas and solution technologies based on applied sciences that leverage the vital fundamental sciences of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, cybernetics, geosciences, and astronomy to create unique innovations, whether incremental or fundamental.
Our advanced and Deep Technology acknowledgment
Advanced Technologies that represent a significant improvement for incremental innovation

Deep Technologies based on scientific breakthrough discovery, with applications never seen before
Our type of solutions



Industrial product
Seeking for smart business model
To deliver the highest value, companies must be focused on critical activities, have scalability, and possess unique intellectual property (IP) and know-how. These three factors are critical in today's highly competitive and rapidly evolving business environment
B2B business model
Ambitious scalable solution
Unique selling point and IP
Empowered by sharp executives
IRON HANDS CAPITAL looks for teams with a high level of maturity, a clear vision and mission, strong execution skills, and the ability to run a business that can lead to market disruption
Led by a strong management team
Settling in at the strategic level
Capable of delivering high-quality businesses
IRON HANDS CAPITAL invests in companies when they fit our allocation criteria perfectly. We wait for the perfect time to make the ideal entry when the company needs it most and when external and internal forces are most aligned.
Waiting for the perfect momentum
We Invest at the perfect time when it meets our business allocation criteria at 100%.
When market forces are aligned, or ready to be, and assessed
When the cost of capital is the most appropriate (stage, use of funds)
When we have the highest operational edge
We make an investment when our operational value to the founders is at its highest
Structure the company's governance and information rights
Bring a partnership network of doers to accelerate the level of business readiness
Leverage a business network of decision-makers to quickly gain market share
Ensure that promises for progress are kept, even in difficult situations
Being flexible at various stages and moments
Size, maturity, and tickets with our multiple fund strategies
Companies headquarter based in Europe
Minority position, depending on the context
To ensure the effectiveness of our support
4 to 6 years
Take away
Investing in Deeptech is an art form