Operations is a must have in Deeptech
Accelerate growth, create value through multiple expansion, and give confidence to all current and future stakeholders

Solving the 3 most critical
Key Success Factors in Deeptech

20+ years of experience in supporting Deeptech founders at the team level

30 active senior experts from our community of investors bringing their knowledge
(Finance, Worldwide business, Design, Industrialization, Technology, and Operations experts)

A post-investment 3 steps process, to strengthen so crucial operations in Deeptech, and meet the burning needs of CEOs

IRON HANDS CAPITAL is committed to provide strategic and tactical assistance and expanded financial capabilities to the partner companies we invest in, but it starts with a 3 steps process.
structure the Governance
co-design the information rights
bring smart capital with an ecosystem of resources
Investing in Deeptech without fully dynamic support to the companies is unrealistic
At IRON HANDS CAPITAL, we seek to master the company journey while being humble. Therefore, we monitor a custom-made operational support for each company. Whatever the situation, we help the founders not forget the reason they started their entrepreneurial journey.
Polymorphic skills
Polymorphic Key Success Factors at the Intersection of science, engineering, business, design, and operations
A mix of fast-track for business and long run for culture
We focus on priorities where there is a need for operational support in order not to lose time that could reduce the company's competitiveness. We also identify where time is needed to implement results that will properly impact the organization's culture
Trade-off: make-buy-partner
A necessary trade-off between vertical integration and external support is moving quickly while building robust assets. We help our investments take advantage of our ecosystem and only take actions they can benefit from
Whether the size or maturity of the company, we support its management team on demand. We seek to anticipate the needed resources to achieve strategic milestones, avoiding losing time.
IRON HANDS CAPITAL journey with Company Portfolio and their stakes
From a business perspective
From a company management perspective, entrepreneurs face significant opportunities and risks at every stage of their journey. Therefore, they need guidance and operational resources to strengthen their medium and long-term strategy and specific support to manage their day-to-day activities
We support five related priorities:
Competitive Intelligence
Market dynamics, competition drivers, economic intelligence
Company management
Structure and enhance the fundamentals (HR, accounting, legal, IT tools)
Perfect capex industrialization model and operational excellence
Business Development
Offer, market activities, market access (network at the decision level), sales, and value creation for organic growth, monthly strategic plan. Monitoring and overall action plan to correct or strengthen
Innovation activities
Continuous unique selling points and growth drivers with innovation
From a financial engineering perspective
From a financial engineering perspective, entrepreneurs need robust support to translate their business and operational actions into value creation for all stakeholders

Concretely, this means improving their multi-criteria valuation, both intrinsic (DCF) and comparable (trading peers, transactions)
We strengthen five financial engineering pillars:
Organic and M&A growth, EBITDA margins and FCF conversion
Multiple expansion
Reputation, brand awareness, market perception, business plan perspectives, SDG drivers
Financial engineering, deal structuring
Skin in the game alignment of interests, culture, talent programs, succession agility, diversity, and inclusion
Non-dilutive financing, operational debt lines structuring support
For a three-fold result
Accelerate growth, increase margins, and free-cash-flow conversion
Create value through multiple expansion
Give confidence to all current and future stakeholders