Our team
FORMER Rothschild, BCG, Siparex, Exaion, Dailymotion executive

$20+ billion M&A transactions

25+ cumulated YEARs of
business expansion

100 companies supported, with 2/3 Deeptech

Unique capabilities built around five founders who write the best equity story, backed by strong partners, all committed to progress principle

The diversity of our entrepreneurial and corporate profiles - a mix of marketing, design, operational, technical and financial backgrounds - partly explains why IRON HANDS CAPITAL adds differentiated value to its business partners. It creates a competitive advantage linked to the mix of perspectives, networks and contributions
& Business
& Innovation
Nicolas de Guignard

Managing Partner

President of Investment Committee

Florent Gastaud

Managing Partner

General Secretary

Annaïk Barbé

Operating Partner

Investor Relations & Communication

Vivien Sayve

Managing Partner

Chief Technology Officer

Denis Gihan

Venture Partner

Iron Hands Capital ecosystem
We work closely with our ecosystem network to return the best expertise and experience to our corporate portfolio.

This expertise takes two forms, adapted to the needs, the situation, and the dynamics. No matter who or what it is, we always want to propose the most efficient and qualified contact. Success depends on it.
20+ business partners
A set of 20+ SMEs company, mainly in France and Europe, supplying:
  • Strategic Intelligence and surveys
  • International sales expansion
  • HR
  • Design
  • Operational excellence
  • Industrialization
  • FTO & IP
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software development
  • Coaching
30+ Investors’ mentorship for experience
They come together for a few hours or days a month and iterate with the management team, sharing experiences from their C-level perspective.

They currently cover 6 fields of expertise:
  • Strategy and management from a CEO perspective
  • Industrialization
  • Finance
  • HR & CSR
  • Design
  • Operation and supply
Leveraging polymorphic skills
100% of support and needs supplied along the whole journey