IRON HANDS CAPITAL invests in Deeptech, fulfilling the promise of progress and delivering high-value creation.
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About Iron Hands Capital
IRON HANDS CAPITAL is a private equity investment firm specializing in Advanced and Deep technologies, supporting companies to achieve a high level of progress and financial return
Investing in Deeptech is highly complex
IRON HANDS CAPITAL allocates capital to specific breakthrough companies with disruptive technologies at their core and deals with its complex equation from entry to exit
Deeptech without progress is nonsense
IRON HANDS CAPITAL aims to design a bright future with technologies that serve wisdom, excellence, and resilience while delivering high value for all stakeholders, above ESGs and SDGs
Operations is a must have in Deeptech
IRON HANDS CAPITAL brings all forms of smart capital to its companies to help them accelerate, create more value, and therefore give confidence to all current and future stakeholders
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Our investment solutions
IRON HANDS CAPITAL leads flexible investment strategies that can address the different needs of both our investors and the companies we support
IRON HANDS CAPITAL is designing the most effective portfolio for its investors, rooted in numerous past and present personal experiences
Our team
IRON HANDS CAPITAL key asset relies on its 5 founders’ 50+ years cumulated track record covering 100% of the needs and journey of Deeptech companies