About Iron Hands Capital
Independent European private equity firm
Exclusively focused on
Advanced Tech and Deeptech
Office in Paris
hands-on investor with strong operational support

Introducing Iron Hands Capital investing in Deeptech companies and delivering high value for all stakeholders, with founders serving an ambition bigger than them

An independent investor, backing innovative companies with Advanced and Deep Technologies anchors
IRON HANDS CAPITAL is an independent private equity firm focused exclusively on Advanced and Deep Technologies. We are focused on building business champions and backing solutions that change the world by providing capital, strategic guidance, and dedicated operational support.
5 skilled founders with a strong ecosystem to face Deeptech investment complexity and reach success
A presence in Paris, to primarily target early growth, growth, and special situations investments in companies mainly based in France and Greater Europe
Our limited partners and flexible investment approach enable us to structure and invest in deals of various sizes, including early, growth-stage opportunities, both plain vanilla and more complex
IRON HANDS CAPITAL is itself an entrepreneurially-led growing business 100% owned and managed by its Partners
A firm with a two-fold mission: make progress promises come true and generate strong value
Ensure that breakthrough technology solutions that solve challenging problems are funded and delivered at scale to benefit the planet and humanity
Pursue exceptional investments to generate strong financial returns for all our stakeholders
Offer bespoke investment solutions for our investors
We strive to provide our investors with customized solutions and opportunities that meet their investment and strategic objectives and are ideally suited to their situation for optimized returns.
Investment offerings benefits
Bespoke investment solutions
Fund investments and deal-by-deal solutions in several investment theses, from plain vanilla to more complex financial engineering
Large range of investors
From family offices, high-net-worth individuals, SMEs, Corporate and institutional investors
Investing in IRON HANDS CAPITAL means discretion. Your capital investment remains private and non-disclosed
Comprised of 3 complementary investment strategies that can be operated independently or linked together
Iron Hands Genesis
Early Growth Equity
Iron Hands Growth
Growth Equity
Iron Hands Special Situations
Tailored investments for unique situations
Allocate capital in the right place, in the right company, at the right time
In the right place:
Best solutions with perfect technology and promises
Advanced and Deep Technology innovation solutions (incremental or fundamental)
Technologies are only based on Applied and Pure sciences.
Delivered through Software, Hardware, Technology as a service, and Industrial products
Agnostic about End-Sector
In the right company:
Mixing business model and market conquest capability at scale
B2B business model
Ambitious scalable solution
Unique selling point and IP
Empowered by sharp executives
At the right time: never too early, never too late
Waiting for the perfect timing, considering company, business, investment dynamics and geopolitical prospective
Investing when we have the highest operational edge to leverage the company’s potential
Be flexible at all stages, and at all times to manage and benefit from all forms of complexity
IRON HANDS CAPITAL investment journey
Bringing smart capital to our deals from entry to exit
At IRON HANDS CAPITAL, regardless of the stage of the company, accurate and effective operations begin with clear governance. We then ensure that the information available to all shareholders is clear and accurate so that decisions can be made without bias. In parallel, we provide operational support.
Structure the
Co-design the
information rights
Bring smart capital
and boost growth
Our value creation must address all stakeholders
IRON HANDS CAPITAL pursues exceptional investments to create high financial and non-financial value for all our stakeholders
Our approach to value creation is dedicated to all our stakeholders. Investing is about more than just generating outsized returns. We want to ensure that everyone benefits from what we do, including our LPs, portfolio companies, co-investors, exit buyers, and society. Only then can our promise of progress be delivered at scale and have a positive impact on the planet and humanity.
Driving progress with solutions that solve complex problems and have a positive impact on people's everyday lives.
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Generate generational returns for our investors.
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Deliver value to management teams by supporting their efforts in growth and business development priorities, when it is asked for.
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Portfolio companies
Provide our co-investors with access to a highly selective and high-quality pipeline of investment opportunities.
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Our purpose: combining technology, progress, and financial value at once
Make the promise of progress a reality and bridge the gap between potential and real-world application
Ignite an era of new investments that combine high-end technology, capital, progress, and financial results
Our legacy target: co-design the future of investment and share it
Develop unique methodologies and customized process that fits the 21st-century future of investment participants
Share our knowledge and best practices with future founders and investment firms to ensure progress at scale
For two deliverables
Breakthrough solutions for progress are funded and delivered at scale
Exceptional investments for strong financial returns for all stakeholders